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Myles- Readers and Writers Festival poet interview

“A poet is, before anything else, a person who is passionately in love with language”. Poets bleed with words of intensity, paint canvases so unique to every listener that not one picture or interpretation is the same. Words have a way of moving our souls, anchoring down forgotten emotions or bringing forward emotions unknown. Words have the power to make one think differently, start revolutions and even change the world.

Myles is a poet who has an amazing way of moving one with his words. He is a natural wordsmith, words flow effortlessly off his tongue and deeply into the souls of his listeners. Myles is a well established poet who has been writing and performing poetry for years. We are happy and ever so blessed to have him perform on our stage at the Readers and Writers Festival.

Myles at his book launch for Bubbles

Dali Myles Luthuli is an award winning artist, author, finalist in the Mail and Guardian 30 under 30 and claims to have “good dad jokes”. His knowledge and ability to write is one of the reasons we cannot wait to see him take the stage.

Myles let us know that the reason he started writing was because he was trying to impress his crush. He told us that, unfortunately, it didn’t go well. However, we are so happy that he did it because now we are blessed with all his writing. He told us that now his writing is used to mask some of the pain he goes through with the artistry of poetry.

Nowadays, Myles tends to tackle topics that seem easy to have in reality but we never experience or get an understanding of what they really are. Life, love, and presence.

When asking Myles what he does to overcome writing adversities, he told us that he sticks with the 10000 hour rule, which is the theory that in order to master something you need to have at least spent 10000 hours on it. He told us that since he started free styling in high school and no matter how hard it is to write he will be able to pull something out of the hat.

Dali told us that he does not have any writing rituals as he is always writing in his head.

One thing we know is that Dali has a diverse portfolio of work that stretches from different moods and emotions beautifully. Dali is not just a writer of poetry, but also a superb performer that expresses himself effortlessly and is a very relatable writer. Make sure to catch him at the Readers and Writers Festival.

Calen Critchfield

Calen Critchfield is the founder of Writers Bloc. He has been running it since the start of the organisation and hopes to see it and the poetry scene in South Africa grow.