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A look through the heart of Dumisani Jere

A moment of celebration and movement through Afrocentric influences

Dumisani Jere is a Sowetan born artist who has been blessing the world with his interesting, thought provoking pieces for as long as he can remember. He is an artist who expresses what is on his mind and lets his brush tell stories of experiences and dreams which are sung loudly with a light melody leading through passion. His latest exhibition at The State Theatre involves his colourful eccentric self and really does paint the depiction of who Dumisani is and what he is about.

Dumisani Jere standing with his painting
Dumisani Jere at his exhibition, Originates Grandeur Eternally

We were blessed enough to meet Dumisani a few years ago where we worked together hosting poetry nights in Irene, Centurion. The poetry nights in Centurion were always well put together and artful, portraying a lot of what kind of spaces and influences Dumisani likes creating and it is bought to fruition when one sees his art. Tons of influences that he has managed to capture and put on canvas in a unique, vibrant and truthful manner. Dumisani successfully takes parts of all inspirations of art, from poetry, music and visual to curate his feelings powerfully and subtly. He takes his favourite medium, illustration, and brings it to life. 

His latest exhibition, Originates Grandeur Eternally, does exactly that of taking all elements of the art and stitching it all together beautifully. He believes full heartedly in the abbreviation “PO$T- Passion Over Success Timelessly” and this has guided his debut conceptual rooted in nature ambient artistic musical production. It’s a two-part album that is an abstraction and experimental exploration of Afrocentric traditional infusion with a post-modern alternative urban denote sound influences. 

Which conveys a strong undercurrent of the past, present, and future. His (Superego) post-apocalyptic notions of isolation highlight the overview main theme, subjective to the adverse wellbeing of the self (iD) in relation to the (EGO) physical reaction of social distancing. 

Thus in conclusion Devolutionery’s audio sonic soundtracks released music conceptually offers a great afro-futuristic complementary sensory to complete the artistic experiences when viewing his 3rd visual art body of work. Entitled, OGE (Originate Grandeur Eternally) due to be film screened/exhibited in 2022 at The South Africa State Theatre. All the financial proceeds received will be funding the pre-production, post-production, publication, and distribution of the animated short film and merchandise.

We had a wonderful time and were in awe at Dumisanis creative expression and immersed in the experience. We strongly suggest to have a look through Dumisanis work, follow his social pages and keep up with his latest projects.

Calen Critchfield

Calen Critchfield is the founder of Writers Bloc. He has been running it since the start of the organisation and hopes to see it and the poetry scene in South Africa grow.