Poetry in Johannesburg

Whispers of Spring: Poetry in Johannesburg

As the cool breeze of winter gently gives way to the blossoming warmth of spring, we invite you to ‘Whispers of Spring’, a night of immersive poetry in Johannesburg on the 10th of September.

Starting at 18h00, this enchanting evening will showcase a diverse range of poetic talents, each capturing the transition from winter’s solemnity to spring’s vivacity through the power of words. From seasoned wordsmiths to emerging voices, ‘Whispers of Spring’ promises a platform for a dynamic spectrum of poets who embody the vibrant spirit of Johannesburg.

Embrace the rhythm of the city and the season, as you immerse yourself in an ambiance like no other. Unfold the beauty of spring through enchanting metaphors and mesmerizing verses, as our poets breathe life into their words, painting vivid portraits of our collective experiences.

For an affordable entrance fee of just R30, not only will you be treated to an unforgettable night of compelling performances, but you will also get the chance to connect with fellow poetry enthusiasts. Celebrate the union of human emotions with nature’s renewal in an atmosphere brimming with inspiration and camaraderie.

‘Whispers of Spring’ is more than just a poetry night. It’s an invitation to engage with the soul of Johannesburg, as it echoes through the verses of its inhabitants. It’s a chance to witness the city’s spirit, its resilience, its dreams, and its hopes, woven into every line of poetry.

To sign up for the open mic, please press the chatbot in the right hand corner and follow the prompts.

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So, come join us and get lost in the whispers of spring. Mark your calendars and let the rejuvenating power of spring, reflected through the art of poetry, inspire you. This is ‘Poetry in Johannesburg’ at its finest. Let’s welcome spring together, one verse at a time.


Sep 10 2023


6:00 pm - 8:30 pm




The Artisan
12 Gleneagles Rd, Greenside, Johannesburg, 2196